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client: Jazmin Chebar
photographer: Candelaria Gil
location: Quitadinha / Brasil

client: Prune.
photographer: Nacho Ricci
location: Purmamarca / Argentina
client: BMW Mexico
photographer: Gabriel Rocca
location: Buenos Aires / Argentina
client: Mind Food Australia
photographer: Pato Battellini
location: La Boca / Argentina
client: Narda Lepes
photographer.: Sebastian Arpesella
location: Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
client: Vogue Brasil
location: Sao Paulo /Brasil
client: Ebel Peru
photographer: Gabriel Rocca
location: Buenos Aires / Argentina
client: Hugo Boss
location: Recoleta / Argentina
client: Garage Clothing
photographer: Chris Heads
location: San Martin de los Andes/ Argentina
photographer: Javiera Eyzaguirre
location: Paris
client: Banamex Mx.
photographer: Gabriel Rocca
location: Puerto Madero / Argentina
client: Farm Rio
photographer: Nacho Ricci
location: Purmamarca Argentina
client: Harpers Bazaar Argentina
photographer: Chris Heads
location: Delta Tigre / Argentina

We focus on connections. We created an alliance with top producers and artist of the fashion and advertising industry in Latin America. We provide comprehensive production support and financial and executive solutions. We manage the recruitment of locations, talent, directors and influencers. We generate digital and audiovisual content for brands and companies.
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